Things My Kids Do That Doesn’t That Piss Me Off

I love my girls.  Lots and lots and lots.  And there are so many things they do that I absolutely love and adore:

  • When Sierra calls me "Queen Mommy"
  • The way Brooke raises one eyebrow when she’s studying something intently
  • The fact that Sierra eats beans because she thinks they’re "magic beans" that will make her a big girl
  • When Brooke gives me one of those big open mouth baby kisses on my cheek
  • How excited they both get when Daddy Rob comes home from work
  • When Sierra wraps her skinny little preschooler arms tightly around my neck and says: I love you mommy (I never ever want to forget that feeling)
  • when Brooke scoots around the playroom on her butt to get to all of Sierra’s "big girl" toys

Sigh – they’re both SO amazing!  What do your kids do that you love and adore?

4 thoughts on “Things My Kids Do That Doesn’t That Piss Me Off

  1. I always found it so sweet when my daughter was a baby and would give a kiss. The way she’d kiss was just to open her mouth as wide as possible and plunk it onto my face. Half the time she was drooling onto my mouth but I didn’t get grossed out since the whole kissing thing was so sweet.

    The lemons? Now that’s gross. Especially when I think of how my honey would always ask for water with a slice of lemon. Me, not so much but sometimes they’d bring the same to me. I’ve gotta get him to watch that video.

    jafer’s last blog post..Computer Up

  2. Owen will often crawl into bed with me early in the morning while I am still snoozing. I love it when wraps his arms around neck and kisses my forehead – saying “big hugs mommy”.

    Michelle’s last blog post..Lost to Lost

  3. aw!

    I love it when he hugs me, too, and says “I love you, Mommy.” Also when he walks up out of the blue and tells me I’m pretty.

    Yesterday he was coloring, too, and he just kept saying “Daddy’s going to be so proud! I’m coloring the tire black, Daddy will be so proud!” I almost melted.

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