Thinking Outside Of The Box

Remember yesterday how I said I wouldn’t bore you about work? Well guess what? I’ve changed my mind. This is my blog and I can change my mind if I want to! Nyah, nyah, nyah….

I have two current “problems” at work that I’ve been racking my brain out over how to solve them. I shouldn’t really call them “problems”. They’re more like tasks that I need to do – dates that I need to track. If I don’t receive new info by the expiry date then I need to alert someone in the form of a letter to let them know that their info has expired (or in a perfect world, will be expiring) so can you please send me the new info, thank you very much…. Before I came back to work I had no sort of tracking mechanism for these dates, and as you can imagine tons of info had expired. Thankfully its summer and things are a bit slower for me at work (that and a lot of my previous duties have been re-assigned – that’s a whole ‘nother issue that won’t ever be blogged about ’cause I have a no complaining about work on my blog policy). Anyways, today I had a huge AHA! moment. The light bulb turned on in my brain and I figured out how to use the software I have at my disposal (Microsoft Office) to accomplish my work for me with minimal effort by me! Yay MS Office! I *could* always do things the old fashioned way – keeping the info in a spreadsheet and manually copying and pasting addresses etc into letters, but my goodness copying and pasting is so 2004! Yes, yes I know how to do a mail merge – so no more copying and pasting for me. Using a spreadsheet and feeding a mail merge from the spreadsheet is still not automatic enough for me. I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to get outlook to do the work by storing the data in there by creating a form, using tasks and running macros and voila! I’ve automated my work! Now, if only I could automate filing….

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  1. Thank goodness for MS Ofice! I was thinking you might try the old 1960 way and write it your desk calander of when you need to notify people of something about to expire! LOL

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