2yo Brooke w Best Friend Opa

This is My Dad

2yo Brooke w Best Friend Opa

My dad is the kind of guy who can’t sit still. He played softball, bowled and coached my brothers softball team, yet he always found time to come to my softball, bowling, field hockey and lacrosse games. He was my #1 fan at ALL of my sports. Now that he’s older he can’t play sports the way he used to, but he’s still a very passionate curler and golfer, and the #1 fan of my kids soccer – driving an hour out to watch them play whenever he can. My weekends with my dad were spent throwing a softball in the backyard, and after dinner we would often go for a walk around the block – it didn’t matter if it was winter or not. My middle daughter calls him “Best Friend Opa” and is heart broken if a weekend goes by without seeing him. I love my dad and the love of all things sport that he’s instilled in me, and now in my own daughters.

I love you dad – Happy Father’s Day!

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