This Is What We’ve Been Working On

You know what? Working and having a baby leaves a mommy with vey little free time. And you know what? With what little free time I do have, I spend it sleeping (all 4 hours of it). So sorry for not posting much lately. I thought I’d make this brief post better by sharing a video with you of Sierra doing what she likes best these days….

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She’s pushing her friend Konnor’s Gobble & Go Hippo – and loving every minute of it! She is SOOOOOOO determined to learn how to walk! (And so proud of herself when she tries).

10 thoughts on “This Is What We’ve Been Working On

  1. OH MY GOD!!! GOOD FOR HER!! (good luck to you).
    That’s sooo exciting.AND…you guys are wearing SHORTS already?
    *sigh* I miss Southern Ontario

  2. Ryan is pushing the exact same toy around although Sierra definitely has alot more control than Ryan. But get this, when they are walking-mobile, your world changes ONCE again. Now they can get to point A to B much faster and farther AND they can now reach things a little easier!

  3. Hehe, you’ll be threatening to ground her before you know it! I see the dog has hisrole down pat, watching out for the young uns!

  4. I never got this post! I was just snooping and saw it. That is pricelss! Look at her go! Oh boy are CosmoMommy and Daddy in trouble once she doesn’t need the hippo anymore. Look out world (especially Hippos)…here comes Sierra. Love it!

  5. Thanks for posting this Marie! Opa and I missed her so much while we were on vacation! I can’t wait to see her next weekend! Love ya & give Sierra a big hug and kiss from her Oma!

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