This Reminds Me Of A Funny Story…

My friend Leah sent me this:Ouch!
Never give your kids a flip phone–Ouch!

It reminds me of a funny story that my brother is absolutely going to kill me for sharing with y’all. Oh well – maybe it’ll get him to actually call me, even if it is just to ream me out – LOL! (Hi Mike! I love ya!).

Oh boy… I’m not sure how old my brother was at the time, maybe 8 or 9? He was old enough to be dressing himself, and old enough to be lazy. He went through this phase where he was too lazy to wear underwear (can you guess where this is going?). Anyways, one day he got his peener stuck… stuck/caught in his zipper. It was so stuck that he required assistance getting it out. Thankfully my dad was home ’cause my mom and I were laughing so freaking hard that we were of absolutely no use. The poor boy – he was in total agony and there was my mom and I rolling around on the floor laughing. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah… He claims that to this day there’s a scar.

Oh and in case this ever happens to your son – here’s how to fix it (complete with pictures!). Apparently it’s called a “zipper bite”. Thankfully I only have daughters.

8 thoughts on “This Reminds Me Of A Funny Story…

  1. I was going to say – aren’t you glad you don’t have sons. Apparently the zipper mishap is common as this also happened to hubby (shhh – don’t say I told ya) and he does have a scar 😉
    Been thinking about how lucky you are to have girls also with the whole potty training thing as Konnor likes to shake the drips off like Daddy taught him. Hilarious! Messy, but Hilarious!

  2. I actually saw this a couple days ago myself. I knew there was another reason I always liked the candy bar type phone. LOL

  3. Actually Mike was only 4 or 5 when that happened. And yes, he did get a scar and I presume it is still there. Serves him right for being lazy and not dressing properly!

  4. Oh! That poor little guy!

    Remember that scene from Something About Mary when Ben Stiller has trouble with his zipper?

    I laughed my butt off while my husband sat beside me looking pale.

  5. OMG, and I thought I’d seen everything. My son sometimes ‘forgets’ to wear underwear, I think I’ll show him this…maybe it’ll help him remember! Lol…

  6. omg so is that link!!

    Did you see the part under what NOT to do?

    Do not cut clothing if mineral oil releases the zipper. (Well duh on that one)


    Do not excise an area of skin or perform a circumcision; it onlv creates unnecessary morbidity for the patient


    Man I hope i never have to deal with that, my poor little boy!!

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