This Video REALLY Makes Me Want to Do a Triathlon

Recently, I joined the Ontario Women’s Triathlon’s organizing committee, and one of my immediate challenges as part of their social media team is to help convince women that they CAN do a triathlon – that it’s not scary etc. So as I was surfing around the internet looking for articles to share with our community, I came across this video that was put together by another woman’s triathlon in Australia.

Have a look:

This video literally brought tears to my eyes, and made me think:

“YEAH!!! I REALLY want to do a triathlon!”

What about you? After seeing that, would you ever want to do a triathlon?

One thought on “This Video REALLY Makes Me Want to Do a Triathlon

  1. A very inspirational video! I did my first triathlon and duathlon this year and have plans for a couple more next year. I think more people would do them if they realized how achievable they are. My brother who is a huge runner came down to watch the Milton tri this year and was amazed at all the different women he saw participating. He thought it was all uber fit people with high end equipment who participated. When he saw all different people with different abilities and equipment, he realized what an inclusive sport it is. He might even try one in the future now too! Good luck on the organizing commitee!

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