Three Months

Dear Sierra,

You’re three months old today! Wow – how the time flies – this means that in 9 months I have to go back to work :cry:. I’m not looking forward to leaving you – I’m really enjoy our days together now that your colic has subsided. For 5 weeks you cried ALOT, but the kind internet people told me to eliminate dairy from my diet and give you Ovol and Hyland’s Colic tablets. The combo worked well, and I haven’t had to give you Ovol for the past 2 weeks. You’re so much more fun now – you kick your legs and wave your hands in happiness when you’re playing. You smile and giggle at everyone who shows you attention. You still haven’t discovered your hands – I’m anxiously awaiting that. There was a little boy at the mall yesterday, he was nine weeks old and he’s already figured out how to put his hands in his mouth. Dr. Newman told me that you’d be a month behind babies born at the same time as you, and I guess he’s right. I wish that the government would extend my maternity benefits for a month or two so I can stay home with you – I’m afraid that I may miss your first steps.

This past month you’ve undergone so much growth, both physical and developmental. Last weekend I began putting you in the 3 mos/13 lbs sleepers that I have for you. They’re a bit big right now, but at the rate you’r growing it won’t be long until they’re too small. You were 10 lbs 14 oz two weeks ago at your Dr’s appt. and I bet your up to 11 lbs 12 oz now because you’ve been averaging a weight gain of an ounce/day. Developmentally you’ve become more keenly aware of your surroundings. You even prefer to sit in your stroller like a big baby so that you can see the houses, cars, doggies, trees etc when we walk with your boyfriend, Konnor. You know that when I take you into the bathroom that it’s bath time. You know that bath time is followed by boob time and then bedtime. Yep, bath, boob, bed. Now that you know the sequence it’s much easier to put you to bed. You’re sleeping very well, sometimes sleeping 12 hours through the night, but usually waking up for one feed around 5 am. Though you still continue to scare the crap outta me by sleeping on your tummy.

This month you and I have grown in our understanding of each other. I’m more intune with your cries and will put you down when your tired, and feed you when your hungry. As a result you’re much happier and I think you love me more because of it – everyone thinks you smile at me more than at anyone else. Secretly I love that.

This month we have many things planned for you. This weekend you’re going on your first boatride! Then the next weekend you’ll cheer me on at my softball tournament – I apologize ahead of time ’cause my boobs will be sweaty. The week after that you and I will begin our Strollerfit class and Mommy & Me Fitness class. We didn’t get into MotherGoose, but I’ll try again for the next session.

I have to go now – you’re waking up and I can’t wait ’cause then I get to play with you!


11 thoughts on “Three Months

  1. Congratulations Sierra! Silly me forgot to say Happy Birthday on your walk. Konnor says Happy Birthday too. You’ve come a long way and we can’t wait until you are crawling around so you and Konnor can play together. 😆 And congrats to your Mom too for making it through all the obstacles in the beginning. You should be very proud of her!
    Enjoy your boat ride this weekend – I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.
    And keep up the search for those fingers!

  2. Sniff, sniff, pass the kleenex someone! What a lovely post Marie! You’ll have to print it out and hand it to Sierra when she’s older. I’m sure she’ll treasure it as much as I treasure some of the notes you would write to Cosmo Opa and I when you were much younger.
    Sierra has a boyfriend?!?!? Oh my, she’s starting young! Having met Konnor and his parents, all I can say is, she has good taste in men!

  3. Don’t worry about your lil angel being a month behind. Becca was 5 weeks early too. Sometimes she was behind on things and other things so cruised by all the other babies….

    Like she just started to walk at 14 months…and started crawling late…but smart as a whip that gal! Was sitting on her own at 5 months….

    Just enjoy her and try not to look at the milestone charts!


  4. Aren’t these moments magical?

    I wish I could have gotten my daughter’s first year off. Unfortunately I had to go back to work when she was 10 weeks old.

    I am glad the colic is subsiding – I didn’t experience that, and I was thinking how the first few weeks are tough enough as it is – I can’t imaging going through it with a colicky baby. So you are a great woman!! :mrgreen:

  5. A fast 3 months, yes.

    What a wonderful post! I loved reading it and I could see myself saying some of the same things to our kids. Thank you for sharing that.

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