Time for a change?

In my blog skin and domain name that is. My webhosting is expiring in like 8 days… I’ve discovered how to move a wordpress blog recently, and I’m planning on doing that -> moving it as an add-on domain to another hosting package that I have. I’m going to upgrade to the latest release of WordPress (maybe….). I’m also *thinking* about changing my domain name – but I’m not sure to what. Any suggestions? And after I change my domain name I may need a new design. Anyone interested in helping me out? I’ll even pay ya!

So whaddya think folks? Should I change my domain name? Or should I just keep this one? Should I change my site design? Or do you like this one?

11 thoughts on “Time for a change?

  1. Personally I like your domain name and site design. On the other side the best time to revitalize a blog is when changing hosts.

  2. I like this domain name. I wouldn’t mind a different design but I’m used to this one. You never know if a change will be better (spooky part).

    I actually thought I saw you downtown the other day by St. Lawrence Market. There was a woman who looked like you, with a toddler, but as I looked at the toddler (who looked much like Sierra, I thought her hair was too blonde. Then the husband came along and he looked totally different too, so I’m just living in my own little dream world, but that’s what happens when you work in the same city as fellow bloggers.

  3. I don’t think you have enough topless photos of hot women around here. That’s my only suggestion.

    (Well, I was gonna suggest getting cosmomom.com, but it’s already taken)

  4. I think it’s pretty good, but to be honest, I don’t really like the “grrl.” Just a pet-peeve of mine..have never liked “girl” looking like a growl. “GRRRRRR” mmmmm meaty…

  5. Heehee, I like Cosmogrrl, too, but was also going to suggest Cosmomom. 😉

    I’m open to help with design if you need me to. Other than that, I’m afraid I have no good suggestions for domain names right now… Maybe I’ll think of something later. :-)

  6. Hi,

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