Time In A Bottle

Today while nursing down Baby Brooke for her morning nap, I began to fantasize about saving time in a bottle.  Time is going by so quickly that I wish I could preserve moments like these forever:

  • the smell of her head
  • the sound of her stuffy nose breathing
  • the sound of her increasing swallows as I letdown
  • the sound of her decreasing swallows as she drifts off to sleep
  • the warmth of her belly against my belly
  • the feel of her soft hair in my hand as I stroked her head to help her sleep
  • the feel of her soft twitches as her body succumbs to sleep
  • the look of her long dark eyelashes against her cheek when her eyes are closed

I didn’t want to put her down to sleep in her crib, I wanted to sit there and hold her forever – protecting her from this cruel world.  Like a mama bear protecting her young.  But I knew I had to, for downstairs a cry rang out breaking the silence: "Mommy!  I need to poop!". 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could save time in a bottle so that we could revisit moments like these whenever we want to?  I know that Don Mills Diva and Queen of Spain certainly would.  I would save the moment I first held each of my girls, all of the moments when they fell asleep in my arms – the first time Sierra said "mama", etc…  What moments would you save?

10 thoughts on “Time In A Bottle

  1. I’m reading this post as I hold my 11-month-old nephew, listening to him “talk” to my dogs, his hand gripping my collar and his little body bopping to the music on the TV. So yeah… if you find a way to preserve time in a bottle, please let me know. :)

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  2. aw, you are going to make this mommy CRY!!! Yes, I wish I could save it all in. Their cute baby feet, smell of their hair/heads, the way their eyes light up (and legs/arms start flailing) when they see you….ALL OF IT!!

    even my 2 year old and his crazy tantrums that i know someday I will miss. Him crying for me to sleep next to him….ugh..here come the tears! :sad:

    please let me know when you figure it out, okay? (off to get tissues….)

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  3. Beautiful post.
    Provocative question!
    As a grandma, I want to revisit the mornings when I am there to see my little darlings wake up with bed-heads, wrinkled little sheet imprints on their beautiful faces, rubbing their eyes as if to say, “Is she really here to help me get out of my crib ‘cuz mommy and daddy never come this quickly”… ! And then smell the most delicious little breaths that God could have created.
    This should be bottled.

    Sharon – Pinks & Blues

  4. The moment when I found out I was expecting you compliments of your dad putting on Paul Anka’s “Having my baby” on the record player (remember 45’s & record players?) cuz I was at work when the Dr. called to tell us. That was before pregnancy kits. The moment you and your brother were born, the day you & your daddy picked me & your brother up from the hospital and since you hadn’t seen me for 10 long days, the joy I felt when you ran to me and nearly knocked the wind outta me when you hugged me. The moment when I was told I would become a grandmother – the night at work when you called to tell me you were on the way to the hospital, the joy I felt when Sierra was born and then again when I was told (in a most unique way) that I would be an Oma for the second time. I could go on and on but I won’t. I’m sure you get the picture. Family is very important to me.

  5. I would bottle those moments..plus the moment when my son place my first grandchild in my arms with tears in his eyes. The day each of my daughters told me they were expecting. Seeing my tiny redheaded granddaugter in the nursery when she was a few minutes old, turning her head to look into my eyes when she heard my voice. The sound of my youngest daughter’s voice when she called me before dawn to tell me her baby was here and told me her name, a name that is precious to me. So many, many memories.

    Grandmere’s last blog post..Lessons to remember

  6. I think about that sometimes, now that my son is a teenager and I think about past years. I sometimes worry that I didn’t treasure those years enough or that my son will look back on his childhood and not have fond memories, so sometimes I’d like to bottle up the fond memories for him as well.

    trish’s last blog post..Bullies

  7. I would bottle the nursing as well, not the beginning but around the 4 month mark when the rhythm is so established and your baby’s tiny hand strokes your side as her eyelashes flutter on creamy cheeks.

    I miss those moments.

    janet’s last blog post..Two

  8. Oh… I wish the same thing with my boys. Every time Benjamin smiles at me when I enter his bedroom in the morning… I always want to bottle that… I know someday he may not be that happy to see me waking him for school! :) These are such moments in time… and I just wish that sometimes time would slow down because the innocence of their lives is so precious.
    Thanks for the post, makes me want to go watch these little men even closer! :)
    – Audrey

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