To Run or Not – That is The Question

OK, in just over a month from now, there’s a 5K race near my house (along with the 1/2 marathon I was training for when I got the “news” that I was pregnant). So, yeah, the 1/2 marathon is definitely out – I’ll have to satisfy the dream of running one pregnant during my next pregnancy. But the 5K – should I do it? I’ve been consistently running 4 KM/day for the past 2 months (and before that 10 KM/day for too many months to count – yeah I even ran 10K a day during the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy). The one thing holding me back is that I’ll be 22 weeks pregnant come race day (I’m 18 weeks preggers right now). Will I be “too big” to run? Is it safe? My other “issue” is that Cosmo Boy is totally against the idea 😡 I even offered to have him run with me to keep me safe, to which he almost wet himself laughing at me (I didn’t quite get the joke). Oh what’s a runner to do? Shall I run it? If I don’t take this opportunity now I won’t be able to run a race until next October! D’oh! 😯 I could never go a WHOLE YEAR between races!

8 thoughts on “To Run or Not – That is The Question

  1. first of all…congrats on your pregnancy. i would suggest…see how you feel around the
    time of the marathon and see if your belly and body can handle running. and check with
    your OB of course. i think as long as you take it slow, pace yourself…it could be great.
    best of luck! :)

  2. I’ll probably get 2wo minutes in the penalty box for this, but I agree with Cosmo Boy.

    Alas, I hear you missing out on something you love to do; especially for a “whole year”… yikes.

  3. Hmmm…you may not feel comfortable enough to walk by then. I know I was waddling around like a duck by 22 weeks, and my feet were all swollen and I couldn’t wear running shoes. But if you feel fine enough at that point, check with you OBGYB and see what he/she says. Maybe you can do just part of the marathon?

  4. The other question, considering your post before this, is whether you need a wheelbarrow to carry your boobs around by that point 👿

    I’m not qualified to give medical advice as to whether it’s safe to run. See your doctor for that. If the doc says it’s safe, and if at that point you’re still running 4 km per day anyway, why not do the race? It’s not like it’s much more than you’re currently doing.

  5. As much as I hate doctors, I agree that asking the doc for advice when you get to that point is a good idea. There’s some controversy about whether running while pregnant is bad or good. Certainly people were designed for movement, even while pregnant. I would say no to the bungee jumping though.

  6. Here’s a compromise Cosmo boy might go for – I’ll run the 5k with you. That way you have someone to run with and you’ll satisfy your urge to run! I’ve got all this stamina now and need to do something with it, besides shagging Chris senseless. Oops, sorry, I’m not allowed to say shag on your blog, am I? 😳

  7. Check with your doctor, but I’ve read in all the pregnancy books that you can maintain your normal level of physical exercise well into the 7th/8th month. I understand where cosmoboy is coming from though.

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