To Serve Or Not To Serve

I’ve been serving at a local sports bar for the past 6 months. Originally I took the job ‘cause Cosmo Boy and I needed some extra cash to pay off some debts. Now, thanks to some debt consolidation – we no longer need the money I earn from the second job. Normally this wouldn’t pose a dilemma – I would just quit the job. BUT I really like this job. I generally like my co-workers, I have fun there, and it isn’t too demanding – especially since I only work two 7 hour shifts a week there. It’s almost like a hobby to me. I would feel incredibly guilty for quitting the job because I told the owner I was looking for a part time job I could stay at for the next 3 years… Unfortunately, Cosmo Boy’s family lives a 5 hour drive away, and we haven’t been able to go up and see them since I started working this job. It isn’t really fair to Cosmo Boy if I keep the job, as he would really like to visit his family, and by working a second job it takes away from our “together” time. Am I being selfish for wanting to keep the job? I don’t really know what to do.

2 thoughts on “To Serve Or Not To Serve

  1. Oh Marie(?!?!?!) I am also torn. Is there anyway you could bargain yourself some time off of this job every few months so that you can go with cosmo boy to see his parents? Can you switch with another person to take the odd weekend so that you can go see the inlaws? I know what it’s like to have an “unnecessary job” you love. But you also don’t want to wear yourself out.

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