Treat of the Mid-Week

!@(shania.jpg popimg: “Shania Twain”)!@(wallpaper1-1024×768.jpg:R popimg: “Tim McGraw”) Is everyone feeling the winter blues like me? They say it’s Spring, but I have yet to see evidence of that. Beverly had a great idea to chase our winter blues – A “Treat of the Mid-Week” until Spring actually gets here. What a great idea!

So, by request by Steve, I present to a true Canadian hottie – Shania Twain – She can “Come On Over ” anytime to the Cosmo household. I asked Beverly if she could think of any hot (male) Country singers, she responded Tim McGraw – and I must agree he’s pretty easy on the eyes.

Enjoy the Treat of the Mid-Week – hopefully it’ll help you get through your week, and through the rest of winter until Spring finally comes!

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8 thoughts on “Treat of the Mid-Week

  1. Well, with the way the weather is, we’ll be enjoying TOTMW until … July?!?! 😀 I’m not complaining! I’m not a huge country music fan, but I must say, Tim’s got the eyes. And I do love that song, “Live Like You Were Dying”. Thanks, Marie!!!

  2. Ok, I hate Shania Twain because she told everyone she was a Native American and then it turned out that her step-father was Native American and she really wasn’t. And then her music became so filled with Pop that she started to sound like Britney. Would she be even selling albums if she didn’t look like a model? And what the heck kind of junk song is that stupid duet she just did? It sounded like Michael Molester Jackson and Paul McCartney singing “The Girl is Mine” (which is really funny because what would Jackson do with a girl anyway?) Two thumbs down for Shania. She isn’t country music. She sucks.

    Tim McGraw is totally cool because 1) he really does sing country music and 2) he’s married to Faith Hill who sings country music and is a total hottie.

  3. Thanks for the mid-week treat!

    Um, this sounds silly but…why didn’t I get a thanks for comments for 3/22? It’s not that I need to be acknowledged. I was just wondering if it was a software glitch or something I said or something else. Not a big deal, more a curiosity.

  4. ohh, I have to say I LOVE this midweek treat. I’ve been trying to find a Tim McGraw clone for my very own…lol He’s just yummy!!

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