UPDATE: Fraidy Cat

It seems that Cosmo Dawg didn’t get into anything, nor did she have a bad dream. Instead she gave herself a bum wheel sprinting down the stairs to see us. She was shaking ’cause she was in shock. She wouldn’t come becuase her leg hurt like a son of a… After giving her the bone she started whining – she wanted us to carry her to her water bowl (which Cosmo Boy did – even if I wasn’t in my “condition” I couldn’t lift her – afterall she’s an 80 lb Rottweiler). Then Cosmo Boy carried her to the couch where she chewed her bone, drank her water, and even was hand fed her dinner (yes – she’s freaking spoiled!). Around 9 she whined to go outside – so Cosmo Boy carried her out, then at 9:30 I took a shower, and she whined for Cosmo Boy to take her upstairs to see me (did I ever tell you this dog thinks she’s stuck to me like velcro? Where I go, she goes, she’s even lying by me feet as I write this). After that I went to bed, at 1 Am I awoke to go to the bathroom (oh the joys of pregnancy), I almost tripped over Cosmo Dawg. When I crawled back in bed, she slowly crawled up with me – woo hoo! She MUST be feeling better! When I woke up in the morning there she was – her head on my pillow and her back to me – she rolled over towards me and licked my face as if to say – I’m ok, mommy – watch this! Then she jumped out of the bed and sprinted down the stairs and waited by the sliding glass door to be let out. She hasn’t whined, or whimpered since and has been back to her old tricks. Which leads me to think that either she had given herself a bum wheel, or she’s on hell of a faker!

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Fraidy Cat

  1. Hello, I clicked on a link and now I am here. Blog browsing is so fun either that or I really need to get a life; yes it is the later. Dogs do have dreams, and do have nightmares, she also may have remembered something or a smell, that either two of you could not percieve, that was on your clothing that could have reminded her of something that scared her.

    great blog


  2. Glad the doggie is doing better. Now, she may have learned a new trick in the process (how to get treated like the Queen of Sheba), but hopefully she’ll forget it quickly. :)

  3. I know cats have dreams (mine often dreams when he’s napping in my lap) and I’m sure dogs do, too. Glad to hear Cosmo Dawg is OK.

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