Valentine’s Gift Idea’s Needed – STAT!

Ok, so Valentine’s day is fast approaching and I have two problems:
1 – we’re broke
2 – I’m creatively challenged
What should I get/do for my hubby for Valentine’s day? Anyone got any ideas? HELP!!!!

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14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift Idea’s Needed – STAT!

  1. Special diner (his favorite foods), bubble bath for 2 (him and his g/f) :roll: , detail his car for him, do some task he normally would do for him without him asking, that’s about all I have. Good Luck!

  2. I’ll keep this comment family-friendly, but a common mistake women make around V-Day is to over-think things. Men are remarkably simple in their expectations and desires. Think of the most horribly vulgar thing you can imagine for you two to do together and then add beer to the plan.

    That’ll do.

    Edwards last blog post..Sore feet in the heat

  3. Making a cake can be relatively cheap.
    You could get the kiddies involved and let them do the writing on it or something. That’d be super cute.

  4. Well, I got Tired Papa a card and a lottery ticket for that Millionaire lottery they’re advertising every where. I’ll also probably bake cookies for him and the kids… Yeah, I know boooring, but it’s been twenty years + now too. :)

    Leannes last blog post..Send the stupid kid to do it

  5. your asking one of your readers who runs an adult content website…what you should get your husband for valentines day??? i’m going with edgar. and i’m trying REALLY HARD to keep it family friendly. but…oral would probably be the way to go.
    *walks off blushing*

  6. I think husband’s always appreciate the valentine boink. As a matter of fact, if you asked him, he might suggest boinking or something thereof. Where’s Oma to look after the girls? I’m sure she’d love to help out a night of romance. Save the beer til afterwards.

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