Viva The Block!

As Joe said:

These crowds are sick.
These shows are sick.
This tour is sick.
Viva The Block!

I’m off to the NKOTB concert tonight at the John Labatt Centre in London ON – I certainly hope I get some more FACETIME – wish me luck!


PS – NKOTB, We’re in Secn 107 Row P seats 20, 21 and 22 – My mind is right… Let’s get this!

6 thoughts on “Viva The Block!

  1. YEAH! I have you have a fantastic time like I did at the Tulsa show. Can’t wait to hear your stories & see your pics! (Just realized I never blogged about mine… i must get on that, LOL!)


  2. I was never a NKOTB fan, but I do understand that every person has their own taste in everything.

    I hope you enjoy your night and get some more face-time.

    Good Luck!! Have Fun!

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