Water Fight!

Today my water bottle decided to seek revenge for all of the abuse I dish out to it. While running on the treadmill (yes this Prego is still running) , I pulled the spout of my water bottle up with my teeth. Lo and behold! The whole stinking lid came off and water went flying all over me and on the people on the treadmills adjacent to me. In an effort to mask my embarrassment I shouted – WATER FIGHT! But for some reason they didn’t quite get the humour in that. Maybe it was too early for them?

8 thoughts on “Water Fight!

  1. Hmm, how come there’s never a wet t-shirt contest at my gym? Then again, a lot of the folks there are old folks and I don’t really want to see that …

  2. Unfunny, anal-retentive, no sense of humor people is what is wrong with this world.:evil: Glad you are still exercising and have a sense of humor.:mrgreen: But really, I gosta know, has anyone approached you and said, usually in a condescending manner, “Honey you shouldn’t be doing that in your condition?”:?::sad: And did you tell them to F’OFF! 😈

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