7 thoughts on “Water With Lemon?

  1. My wife and I are often at odds over germs. We’ll probably never get to take the kid to Disneyland because she’ll have to wipe everything down with Purell before the kid gets on…
    but how does fecal material get on a lemon???
    Maybe I should be scared.

  2. I am carrying little packets of True Lemon with me when I can get them at the grocery store. No cal, no sugar…and they do flavor up the water. But now Imiss hte lemon wedge in my Diet Coke. I can’t stand the thought of lemon in a restaurantany more…and wonder how muchI will miss it with my fish.

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  3. omg I’m going to puke. I won’t be having lemon with anything anymore. I don’t usually but whenever I would get a strawberry or raspberry lemonade or something they put a wedge there.

    btw, thanks for your advice/info about concussions. I’ve taken it really easy today. Don’t feel the best but don’t feel bad enough for a doctor either.

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