Waving Isn’t Much Fun By Yourself – Google Wave Giveaway

google-wave-invite-1395105149 On Friday I opened my email gmail and found an email from Google inviting me to Google Wave!  Yay!  I dropped everything I was doing (cooking dinner) and signed in…  My excitement quickly faded when I realized only two people I knew (@michellekostya and @thezendad) had accounts for me to collaborate with.  But you know what – it’s going to be ok because I have 5 (FIVE!) GOOGLE WAVE invites to giveaway.  Yippee!  To celebrate my new blog voice and my new theme, I’ve decided to giveaway those 5 invites to you, my lucky readers! 

To enter:
Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite workout is – do you like weight lifting, running, walking, yoga, pilates, gardening, chasing your kids?  It doesn’t matter what it is – just leave a message telling me what it is before the giveaway closes at 11:59 PM SATURDAY OCTOBER 31, 2009 to enter!

Extra entries:

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18 thoughts on “Waving Isn’t Much Fun By Yourself – Google Wave Giveaway

  1. I love running through the Niagara Gorge from Devil’s Hole until Whirlpool State Park! Absolutely one of the best ways to spend a cool spring or fall morning! Great conversations can be had with tourists and other runners, and cool downs next to the rapids are usually accompanied by a show from one of the Whirlpool Jetboats.

  2. Yoga. A few years ago, I would have laughed if you’d told me that I’d be into it as much as I am now. I had a badly broken ankle and ended up spending almost 3 months bedridden. Yoga not only helped me work off everything that I’d put on while in bed but it helped me to regain almost 98% of the movement in my ankle.
    .-= Sara ´s last blog ..National Breast Cancer Awareness Month =-.

  3. I don’t have much time for workout. Chasing my kids is the one for me. I hope that you send me an invite.

  4. I have been so busy with work lately (promotion yay!) that I have not gotten a chance to train lately, but my favorite form of exercise is taekwondo. I probably get the best cardio, as well as mental, workout when sparring. It’s also a great way to learn the mental resolve to push yourself beyond your limits, a must if you want to go the extra mile in your training.

  5. Gymnastics and Cheerleading!

    Nothing can quite match the thrill of going to a foam pit and trying new movements and variants, then going onto the main floor and trying them with everyone cheering you on. Combines cardio, strength, coordination, balance and creativity.
    Likewise with cheerleading, you get to have a great workout, lots of cardio, and are around pretty girls. You really need to learn to trust yourself and others, since if one person makes a mistake the consequences usually involve blood or concussions.

    Alternatively if we’re talking about traditional workouts, then I’d have to go with a nice to the limits workout in the gym, followed immediately by laps or just relaxing in the pool. Uses every body part, and doesn’t leave you smelly and sweaty afterwords. Perfect for those 1 hour breaks in the middle of the day.

  6. Of the workouts I do regularly, I only like running. I hate weights, stationary bikes, and lap swimming. I love hiking, but I do it too infrequently. I like Zumba but wifey won’t let me go. Something about too many women shaking their moneymakers.
    .-= Edward´s last blog ..Eazy Duz It =-.

  7. I scratch my head occasionally. I’d like to do more, but I am usually far to busy cooking meals and thinking about work… being a single mom is altogether a very stressful job ;D I think I can squeeze a ReTweet into my busy schedule though… here goes 😀

  8. Greetings, Mom. My absolute favourite activity is parkour; I’m at a beginner’s level and what it does is tone the body and make one agile. One already has to have attained a certain level of physical fitness before they indulge in it because it is pretty intense.

    I’ve been begging for an invite for weeks and have sunk to the level of posting status updates promising sexual favours in exchange for a Google Wave invite. My friends are now questioning my mental health. :( Please, don’t make me walk the red light district in my skivvies and cowboy boots waiting for some net-savvy GoogleWave-connected cougar to roll up.

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