WedgEZ Review and Give-A-Way


If you’re like me and many other parents, you probably hate pulling out those little plastic outlet protectors every time your searching for a place to plug your vacuum in. Well, the folks over at WedgEZ have a great new product that will make that a lot easier, and they’ve sent me one to review!

The idea is simple enough. It’s a curved plastic wedge that you stick behind the plastic outlet protector. Then you just twist the handle towards the wall and out pops the protector. It couldn’t be any simpler than that. The handle has little brackets to attach it to the power cord of your vacuum cleaner, which is certainly a convenient place to keep it. And it fit the cords on both the vacuum cleaners in our house just fine.

The best part about the WedgEZ is the price. At $3.99 each, or 3 for $9.99, they’re cheap enough to get several to keep in different places around the house (and they make a great stocking stuffer). That way you’ll never be prying out outlet protectors with your fingernails or the prongs on a plug again. And if it’s easy to take the protectors out, you’ll be more likely to put them back when you’re done, keeping your exploring baby safe!

Win it! I’ve got not one, but two WedgEZ to give away to a lucky GNO mom. To enter, leave a comment on this post tonight during GNO. 
I’ll draw one winner at 10:00 pm and another at 10:45 pm using

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  1. I always used a plastic letter opener sinceI don’t keep fingernails. This looks like a great product … molded for easy use and all.

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