Weird Comments

Pregnancy seems to bring out the best (and the worst) in people. I get the weirdest comments from people all the time. Sure I get compliments too – and even the odd “How are you feeling”, but it’s the out of the blue comments that are the most entertaining.

For instance, a lady at work (that I don’t know very well) said to me:

“OMG! You’re huge! That baby is going to come out soon! How much time do you have left?”

Ummm .. thanks, I have 2 ½ months to go!

Another one that irks me is:

“Are you going to breastfeed?”

Isn’t that rather personal? How could I possibly know for sure? Isn’t that like asking a pre-pubescent girl if she plans on using tampons or pads? Like how would I know if breastfeeding is for me?

The other one I like is:

“From behind you can’t even tell your pregnant”

Last time I checked, my uterus was at the front of my body – so yeah it’s not surprising that I look normal from the back.

What is it about pregnancy that makes people come out with such irrational comments? What other weird comments have you (your wife) or significant others heard?

6 thoughts on “Weird Comments

  1. A very strange woman in a grocery store told me in my 9th month that I had “great breasts” to breastfeed with. (?!?!?!??) It scared me a lot, and it scared the cashier a lot too. And my husband did all the grocery shopping for the next year.

  2. Well I don’t have anything to offer first-hand here Marie, but I’ve commonly hear prego women “beam” throughout; especially in their S.O.’s eyes.

    I can only imagine that has something to do with it.

    And when that Future Hockey Player is born, blog pix are *required*.

  3. I’m glad you visited my blog yesterday – because now I’ve found yours! This is splendid! As far as comments from preggo-observers, I always thought the most annoying was the people who asked EVERY DAY “when are you due again?” …. My daughter was born on her due date, but that was about two weeks after Labor Day… finally, I just starting saying “labor day, duhh.” If they can’t remember the first 600 times when my due date is then why should they care if I lied to them? hehe :) Congrats on your pregnancy!

  4. I hated the “man you’re getting HUGE” or “You’ve really POPPED” comments. At my office I got so sick of hearing it from one lady that the next time she said it I responded with “wow has your ass ever gotten big!”

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