What to Pack for a Relay Race AND Ragnar Relay Backpack Giveaway!

Once upon a time there was a mommy who loved to run and to blog:

The Mommy

One of that mommy’s biggest dreams was to one day get away from her family for a few days and run in a long distance relay race to bond with other runners. Then one day that mommy got an email inviting her to do the Ragnar Relay, a 200 mile running relay race with 12 other runners – oh and those runners were also some really cool bloggers just like her!

Ragnar Relay

“Wow!”, thought the mommy, “This is the chance of a lifetime!”. So the mommy consulted with her husband, the daddy of their three daughters to see if the family could go to So Cal together so that she could race. The daddy knew how much his wife wanted to run in a Ragnar Relay because she had talked his ear off about it many times before, so he said, “YES! Let’s go!”.

I can go!!

Now this working, running, mommy of three, is very organised, so the first thing she started to do was to create a packing list. “What should I bring for a relay race? “, she pondered. So she consulted the blogs of a few of her running, blogging friends like Meghann of Mealsandmiles.com to find out, and here is what she learned:

What to pack for a Relay Race:

  1. Pack a running outfit for each leg that you’re running – Three legs = Three running outfits. Three different blogs that I read suggested separating the outfits into three separate ziploc bags. That way you can easily grab what you need without digging around your back pack and you’ll have something to place the smelly clothes back in once you’re done each race leg.
    Some things you might want to include in each zippy: Socks, Shorts,Tank top, Sports bra, Fresh underwear.
  2. Pack some relay essentials – A towel to wipe off the sweat, baby wipes to freshen up your face, smart phone, reflective vest with blinking light, head lamp, garmin/GPS, sunglasses, body glide, deodarant, Nuun.
  3. Food for a van full of hungry runners – the Ragner Relay is a giant running road trip full of road trip eats. You’ll likely stop for meals along the way, but no roadtrip is complete without snacks.
  4. Pack lightРThere’s limited space in the van, so everything you pack is crucial. Pack light and only bring the essentials. Try to fit it all into one bag like the Ragnar Relay Backpack that can double as your pillow:

Not only is the mommy going to run in the Ragnar So Cal Relay, but she’s also the first blogger in the Ragnar Swagnar giveway relay! This means she’s kicking this 12 blog giveaway relay off in style with that great Ragnar Backpack pictured above, but there’s one catch…

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Good luck!

160 thoughts on “What to Pack for a Relay Race AND Ragnar Relay Backpack Giveaway!

  1. A cowbell. Nothing better for cheering on all the runners as they struggle through their legs. Having done three of these and registered for a fourth it is very encouraging to the runners to get random cheering from the other teams.

  2. What to bring on a Ragnar Relay:

    -One roll of toilet paper (two-ply or better)
    -Three pairs of socks
    -Three extra pairs of socks
    -One cooler of Eegee’s frozen fruit slush
    -One reflective vest
    -One headlamp
    -One flashing back light
    -Appropriate layers of cold weather clothing
    -Your most reliable pair of running shoes
    -A sense of adventure
    -One first aid kit including Vaseline, Band-aids and ibuprofen
    -One toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
    -All the protein bars, peanut butter, animal crackers, pretzels, bananas, electrolyte drinks, trail mix and water you can fit in your bags
    -One sleeping bag
    -Eleven of your best buds

  3. I am running the Miami to the Keys Ragnar soon! I will definitely reference your list. I am bringing music, reflective gear and lots of snacks. I’ve already started a running list in my head during my training runs!

  4. Bring window markers to decorate your van and sidewalk chalk to write encouraging notes ahead of your runner :) Oh! And your favorite anti-gas medication!!!! Trust me on that one – your van-mates will appreciate it!

  5. Aside from the basics, Brachs Mini Gummy Bears are a huge Must Have for any Ragnar Relay :) I also have to have a new outfit for each leg, flip flops for down time and plenty of Nuun Tabs

  6. Ran the napa ragnar twice…you wont use half the stuff you pack! TRUST ME! Baby wipes are a MUST though…take them to every single porta potty visit!

  7. Snacks {fruit, granola bars, bagels}
    Energy Bars
    Water/Water Bottle
    Toilet Paper
    Extra Socks/Underwear
    Compression Tights/Socks
    Recovery Drinks/Fuel
    Extra Shoes
    Body Glide
    and a good attitude!

    I was a photographer for the so cal ragnar last spring and had a blast!

  8. Pack a camera and then make sure when you are snapping all these cool pictures of your team that you get them to snap some of you.

  9. My number one item for any long run is Body Glide! I think a fresh pair of running shoes is a great idea too. I am training for the Goofy Challenge in January at Disney World and I’m thinking I will want a fresh pair of shoes for each race! : )

  10. I would specify facial cleansing wipes in addition to baby wipes. I feel like baby wipes really dry out my skin, but one of the girls on my Ragnar team last year brought facial cleansing wipes, and they were awesome!

  11. Pack 3 sets of running outfits in 3 separate large baggies, and after each run put the clothes back in and seal with the dirty baby wipes you use after running. Change into comfortable clothes in-between runs, wear compression socks/sleeves during your break. Bring flip flops, a rain jacket, sweatshirt, blanket for sleeping or sleeping bag. You can also bring a pillow case and put some of your clothes in and use as a pillow. A towel and soap just in case you get to take a shower. An extra set of clothes also comes in handy for the finish line. Bananas/apples, peanut butter, energy bars, nuts, electrolyte powder, nuts, and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Toothbrush/toothpaste….

  12. I am running the Wasatch Back next June, so this list is so helpful. I hadn’t thought of having a different outfit for each leg of the race, but that makes so much sense. I currently don’t have reflective gear, but I will definitely be getting some. I will also be writing down everyone elses tips!

  13. Ragnar is addicting. After participating in 7 I have learned a few things:
    -The ragnar staff works their bootys off to make it a smooth and fun race for all. When you can, thank those who take time out of their day to make this race possible for all us crazy runners.
    -Bring a positive attitude. Especially on those way to late night and oh so early morning runs. No one likes a whiner.
    -the right shoes for the right terrain always helps. Trail for those over the mountain runs (if that applies) and a pair (or 2) for the road. Your feet will thank you.
    -ENJOY those hours you have together with your team mates. The time goes by way too fast and it will be over before you know it. Hopefully you’ve made some good friends and great memories (camera).
    -Be ready to do it again.
    Good luck and happy running :)

  14. Wipes, candy, pretzels, a diet Pepsi (I know, I know!), cell phone and garmin chargers…extra socks…and body glide!

  15. I’d be sure to pack 3 separate outfits, as well as an extra pair of shoes incase my shoes got wet or mudding during one of the early legs. I would also make sure to pack plenty of good things to eat while running and in between legs. And some kind of jacket or sweatshirt for when I’m not running, because I’m always cold!

  16. I’m doing the Miami to Key West Ragnar in January! Definitely need comfy shoes for in btwn running legs.

  17. I packed my gear in Ziplocs for Ragnar So Cal this year and it worked well. I am looking forward to Ragnar Vegas with a different team – we brought way too much food and water last time because it wasn’t properly coordinated ahead of time.

  18. Nuun tablets, gorp, and baby wipes are the first things that come to mind. Oh, and my iPod, for when I have to escape a van full of crazy people for a while.

  19. What a cool back pack!! I want it…good idea to use as a pillow!!! and to keep from being smelly the whole night….brilliant!

  20. Ragnar Relays are so much fun! You will absolutely love it! Baby wipes are a life saver, and if you’re a coffee drinker, I suggest bringing some Via (or other instant coffee). Decent coffee is hard to come by on the course.

  21. Have a Ragnar in Vegas coming up in Nov. all of these comments have been super helpful and have provided great advice!

  22. I pack the stuff you mentioned plus a car charger for the smart phone, the stick (for massage), compression socks, reflective vest and headlamp – oh and a good attitude – its all about having fun!!

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