What’s A Mom To Do?

I’m home today. Not because I’m on vacation, not because I’m sick and not because my office is closed. I’m home today with a sick little baby. This is the 4th day I’ve taken off because of the kids illnesses since I returned to work 6 weeks ago. I’ve also come in to work an hour late 3 times as I’ve let sick kids sleep in before bringing them to daycare in order to try and avoid having to keep the kids home. Unfortunately every time the kids have gotten sick this summer have been during Rob’s business trips. This leaves me as their only care giver. The only one who can stay home. The first few days I took off were no big deal at work, but now I’m thinking that it’s starting to look really bad, starting to reflect in my quality of work because the days these kids have gotten sick have not been convenient when it comes to the projects that I’ve been working on. I’m at a loss over how I should handle these events.
Yesterday I was called at work at 1:40 pm and was told that Brooke was running a fever for the second day in a row and that I needed to come get her and that she needed to stay home ’cause she has to be fever free for 24 hrs before returning. After I picked Brooke up I brought her to the Dr. He looked her over and found that she was getting over a cold (she’s been coughing and sniffling for 10 days), and her fever is due to the beginnings of an ear infection. He prescribed some antibiotics for her and she should be completely healthy by the end of this weekend.
How do you juggle work and looking after sick kids? Do you have back up childcare? A family friend who can pick up the kids? This mom doesn’t know what to do – especially when my hubby is out of the continent alot for work. I feel so bad about how this has been affecting my work, but really, what’s a mom to do?

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  1. I am so sorry. I hate that feeling of being torn. I am ambitious in my work and family, so when one competes inevitably work loses, appropriately. my mom babysits the kids 3x a week- if they can’t go to school on those days then they can go to her house. the other 2 days we r up a creek if they r sick. my hubby is usually in town during the day so we can balance the time.
    to the extent possible befriend parents who r home during the day (i know, as if u have time for that). in my town we have a listserv where we parents ask questions about sitters and befriend each other. any resources like that where u live?
    finally I hear my former frustration and depression echoed in your post/tweets. I hope its temp and this too shall past, its been a tough week.
    My family had to adjust b/c I couldn’t operate the way we were. As I have said, the boys are older and much easier, well not all encompassing demanding like when they were younger. I enjoy it all much more, but has involved sacrifice on my husband and my part (not too much- just a meeting of the minds).
    good luck, so many moms struggle the same way. I hope it becomes easier for you, and of course that your baby gets better, there is nothing like that anxiety.


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  2. I ended up taking so many days off due to sick kids my work made me take vacation days…because it wasn’t me who was sick. I, like you have no backup. No family nearby, or additional caregiver. My husbands work has a funny sick policy too so he generally can’t take the time off.

  3. Aw, poor kid. Poor mama! I have no idea what I’ll do with two that can get sick when I go back. I’m sure it will be 90% me. It’s the price we pay for owning the uterus, I suppose. It shouldn’t have to be that way but it usually is. Honestly, I’d rather it be me. I’m the mama, after all. It makes it way harder that Rob’s not even in the country.

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  4. Aww, poor mommy! I understand how hard this must be.

    I don”t have the same problem as my MIL takes care of both our children twice a week. When they re sick, there always is a caretaker at home.

    Do you have friends with children? Or other family that would be willing to help out?

    Good luck with that! And don’t feel guilty at work. You’re a mom first.

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