Where’s My Bench?

Remember my bench that I showed you last week?  Yanno – this one:

Well after the snowstorm we got this weekend it now looks like this:

It seems that we’re moving in the opposite direction with the snow here.  Humpf!  And to think we had our annual time change – it feels rather silly to “Spring Ahead” when your lawn is covered in three feet of snow.  (Oh!  and BTW – there are 2 other lawn chairs under the snow there somewhere….).

7 thoughts on “Where’s My Bench?

  1. I told you that you and your family are welcome to come visit. We actualy had snow flurries Saturday morning. Its warm … NO SNOW!!!!

  2. I want SPRING!! And I want it NOW DAMMIT!!
    Gonna buy me some potted tulips and keep one at my desk – those damn pointsettia plants we have all over the office have got to go! Christmas is over people!

  3. You are so lucky to have snow, we have snow here in SA, like every 15 years or so. And when it happens everything stops and people just enjoy it. Wow.

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