You never knew me, but we met once.  It was at your annual Whitey’s 15K Road Race.  You had a kind word for me, encouraging me to keep running.  You congratulated me on coming 1st in my age group, though we both knew I was the ONLY one in my age group in the race.  Your race was and is truly unique.  The small field full of accomplished runners made me feel like I was truly a runner for being able to participate in it.  The post-race barbeque, complete with beer, is a moment I won’t quickly forget, as it was more of a party than a post-race meal.  You encouraged many runners to chase their running dreams and your basement, "The Runners Roost" was an awe inspiring collection of running memorabilia that was truly motivating. 


As I write this there is a funeral service being held for you.  Your life was a marathon, not a track meet.  You passed away at the ripe old age of 92, a feat I hope to accomplish too.  I was really sad to read the email from my running club to let us know that you, Whitey Sheridan had passed away.  This past weekend, the running community and world has lost a truly inspiring person.  We will miss you dearly. 


If you would like to know more about Whitey, please read this article.


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