Why I Don’t Use My Dreadmill

Nope – that wasn’t a spelling mistake in the title of this post.  I have a treadmill, but I prefer to call it my dreadmill because I much prefer to run outside.  
So why did I buy it?  Truth be told, it was because it was cheap.
I bought it used 5 yrs ago from a family friend when I was training for marathons and triathlons, but it sat unused until my first Mat Leave.  During mat leave Sierra would nap, and I would jog.  We kept the dreadmill in our unfinished basement until we moved to a home with a finished basement when Sierra turned 2.  The dreadmill then took up permanent residence in our garage (aka The Unused Exercise Equipment Wasteland).  I haven’t moved the dreadmill into the house because I’ve been concerned about the safety of the girls – I would love to run in the basement while watching TV on our big screen, but for some reason I’ve been scared to move it inside.  I’ve always felt it was too dangerous.  I just haven’t felt comfortable having it in the house.
Now I know why:
“The 4-year-old daughter of former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson died Tuesday, a day after she was injured in a treadmill accident at her home, police in Phoenix, Arizona, said.” From: CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2009/US/05/26/arizona.tyson.daughter/index.html?eref=rss_topstories)
So tragic, so sad, so pointless.  And exactly why I don’t use my dreadmill.  Rest in peace dear little Exodus Tyson.

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7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Use My Dreadmill

  1. I always hated tread mills. Until now I never had a valid reason. God be with the Tyson family during their time of dispair.

  2. I was sad to hear about the Tyson families loss.

    I love treadmills! I only run on indoor tracks or treadmills because I have a strained ligament that goes wonky if I run on uneven ground or slip on gravel. I would love to run outside but it causes too much pain.

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