Wishing Upon A Star

!@(sock.gif popimg: “Lucky Pink Sock”)When I was prego with Sierra, Cosmo Boy desperately wanted a girl.  He wanted a little Marie.  He drove around in his SUV with a pair of little wee pink socks hanging from his rearview mirror.  Normal people have dream catchers, dolphins or even dice hanging from their mirror but oh no – not Cosmo Boy.  He had his lucky pink socks.   Every day he would rub my tummy and tell me how badly he wanted a little Marie – a little blonde girl to be just like her mother…

Was he freaking nuts?  He got EXACTLY what he asked for!  A cute little blonde girl that is very stubborn, doesn’t sit still EVER and babbles constantly just to hear herself speak.  This little one must be in complete control – ALWAYS.  Yesterday, when I picked her up from daycare, her kind daycare provider (May) says to me very sweetly – Sierra is very smart, she knows just what she wants.  Ummm yeah!  The kid will scream blue murder, arch her back and throw a tantrum if she doesn’t get what she wants.  13 mos old and she’s already a force to be reckoned with.  Last night, as Cosmo Boy and I were eating dinner, Sierra was playing around with her toys.  She was having a melt down because she couldn’t get her push toy (a cute pink car she got from my bestfriend for her birthday) to go into the kitchen.  There’s a bit of a lip between the carpet and the ceramic flooring.  Anyways, I called to her and said, “Sierra, where’s your bottle?”.  I then got up to pick it up.  She ran over to it before I could get it, snatched it up and said what definitely sounded like “MINE!”.   She then stomped off with it and put it safe and sound on her car and went back to pushing her car around.  Yes – this “Little Marie” is going to be a handful and hopefully, next time Cosmo Boy will be more careful in what he wishes for.

5 thoughts on “Wishing Upon A Star

  1. Let the fun begin! I remember you saying “I do it!” when you weren’t much older then Sierra is now. Then there was the day in kindergarten when your teacher said to me “Marie dressed herself this morning didn’t she.” Yup you did, lime green socks with a pink skirt and matching top – the skirt and top were too big on you. And let’s not get me started on your teenage years! LOL

    I’m sure Sierra will one day become a loving, kind, intelligent, and mature young woman (just like you) who will become one of your best friends and you will have a great relationship with her.

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