Working It Out

It’s so hard to keep motivated to work out knowing that in 8 weeks from now (or sooner) it’ll be perfectly socially acceptable for me to be fat. However, I’ve always promised myself that I would try to lead the healthiest pregnancy I possibly could – that way I’d give my child a good start on life from the moment of conception. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that I’d be so damn tired all the time? Tonight I fell asleep on the couch while my hubby cooked me dinner. And after Survivor I KNOW I’ll conk right out. I’ll have to tape The OC at 11 tonight – oh well at least I’ll have something to watch tomorrow night before I fall asleep….

Anyways.. I have been good – really I have. Yesterday I ran 3.5K before work, and at lunch I did pilates (though pretty soon I’ll have to say austa la vista to the pilates). Today I ran another 3.5K on my lunch. Thankfully tomorrow is a rest day – I’ll need all the rest I can get before a 5K run on Saturday and a 7K run on Sunday…

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