Would You Pay $$ To See Me Run In My Underwear?

Hurry! You have [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”August 29, 2009″] days left to sponsor me. Everyone who sponsors me will get their very own picture of me running in my underwear! (You can sponsor me HERE).

My best friend is going to have to put her money where her mouth is ’cause yesterday she left this comment on my Perseverance post:

I think you SHOULD run in your underwear! Think about it – this is a fundraiser, right? And you want to raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause, right?
Who WOULDN’T pay to see you run in your underwear???Heck, I’D pay to see that! Even if you decide not to run in your underwear, I’ll still support ya – just let me know when, where and how!

So because I love making my broke friends pay good money for worthy causes like Cancer’s below the waist, I’ve gone ahead and registered for The Underwear Affair ’09.  Yes – you have [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”August 29, 2009″] days left to sponsor me. (You can sponsor me HERE).

What do you get for sponsoring me?
Good question! Besides being being able to say you helped to raise money for cancers below the waist (ovarian, cervical, prostate, colon etc…), you will also get exclusive viewing rights to a picture of me running through the streets of Toronto in my underwear!  I will post a picture the next morning in a password protected post as soon as I recover from the after-party.  I will email a password for that post to each and every person who sponsors me!

Why is Mom On The Run running 10K in her underwear?
I’ve already mentioned that I like making my broke friends even more broke… Nah – that’s not why!  (Here’s where I get serious):

At the beginning of June my husband’s mom came down from Ottawa and spent a weekend visiting us to celebrate Sierra’s 4th birthday.  While she was here she told my hubby that she had been diagnosed this past spring with cancer.  Two weeks after that visit she had a complete hysterectomy to remove the cancer and to do cytology studies of the tissue sample they removed from nearby organs to find out if there was cancer anywhere else.  We’re still waiting for the results. 

I can’t do anything for her – nothing I could do will ever make the cancer go away.  While I hope that the hysterectomy she had removed it all, I feel completely helpless.  I want to help her in any way I can.  She is an incredible woman who has raised an incredible son. 

Running the Under Wear Affair 10K race and raising $500 to uncover cures for cancers below the waist is the only way I know I can help – and you can help too!

Please sponsor me, even if you do it just to see pictures of me in my underwear! Don’t be shy – it’s about giving these devastating cancers some exposure and shedding some light on their cures.

So please help me in my effort to raise money for care and research for cancers “down there!”

Thank you!

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  1. Can we pay so you will put more clothes on? I have absolutely no desire to see you in your undies. LOL

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