You Are What You Eat

And apparently my girls are made out of chocolate.

Sierra and Brooke will only drink chocolate milk.  I’ve tried white milk, water and a million different kinds of juices – but all they ever want is chocolate “milkies”.  Unfortunately they drink so much of it that they barely eat any food (or is refusing to eat simply a girl thing?).  I never realized how much of it they were drinking until today…

Brooke had diarrhoea this afternoon – and I swear on my life that it had the colour, consistency and smell of milk chocolate syrup.  My kid pooped pure chocolate syrup. 


  I will NEVER eat another chocolate sundae again!

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12 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat

  1. So, stop buying the chocolate syrup! Tell them that the store ran out and they won’t have any in for a month or so. Might work, no harm in trying!

    Moms last blog post..Blog Candy

  2. I had noticed my kids were slowly getting worse and worse with snacking between meals … so I cut it all out, nothing in the house but fruit, veggies and milk. Water between meals. Sounds harsh but my kids eat way better at meal times and tons of fruit now.

    chelles last blog post..Creating a Home

  3. hi Janice,
    I could have done without your third paragraph and the picture. :) I’m just glad I already ate dinner. I’m also glad our two kids are out of diapers now. But have you noticed what happens when kids have cake with the bright blue or green frosting? :) ~ Steve, the totally-grossed-out trade show guru

  4. We don’t give our son a choice. If we did, it would be nothing but chocolate as well.
    Perhaps you could use less and less syrup until you wean them off it.
    On a related note, my son will eat blueberries until the sun goes down and the other day they came out the back end looking exactly like they were before. Little blue things. 😳

  5. Well the good thing is that chocolate milk is just as nutritious as regular milk. I’ve never liked chocolate sundaes. Please don’t have them eating strawberry Quik, I like strawberry sundaes.

    jafers last blog post..Chairs Be Gone

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