Your Turn to Weigh In: What Makes a Good Blog?

I started this thread on a blogging community I belong to, but thought it would be nice to post this here, yanno, so I can improve this blog (and my Fitness Cheerleader blog too):

In this thread we discussed things that turn us off in a blog, now here in this thread why don’t we share what we like?  What would encourage you to be a subscriber to a blog?

I’ll go first:

  • Interesting and FUNNY content – I like reading cute stories about people’s kids, race reports, and some training/exercise reports (but only if that’s a small part of the post). I dont like reading about how crafty someone is because that just makes me realise I have ZERO time for crafting.
  • vlogs – I don’t do enough of these, but I really like it when my favourite bloggers do because it makes me feel like I KNOW them.
  • Short paragrapghs – I have a short attention span
  • An easy to find subscribe sign up form – don’t make me hunt (hmmm I better correct that problem here on Mom on the Run)
  • Pictures of you and your family
  • Easy to read font
  • Questions at the end of the post – makes me think that you’re interested in getting to know me.

Now it’s your turn – what makes a good/interesting blog?

Countdown: 24 days until #rideforheart! I’m at $315 in donations. Keep up the great work so I can reach my $1000 goal!

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