You’re Richer Than You Think

A few weeks ago Sierra was invited to play at one of her fellow daycare classmate’s house.  At first I was very hesitant – why would a parent want to pick my 3 yr old up from daycare early so that her daughter can play with her?  Afterall, the kids play with each other all day at daycare.  Unfortunately this one classmate is selectively mute – she doesn’t talk outside of the home.  Sierra must make a big impression on this little girl as she doesn’t stop talking about her – at home.  As part of this little girl’s therapy, it was decided that she should have some of her favourite classmates come over to play, to see if she’d be comfortable talking to them at home. 

Sierra was picked up by this little girl’s mom and Sierra spent the afternoon at her house playing Barbie’s and baking cookies.  She had a blast.  After work I picked Brooke up from daycare, then went to the little girl’s house to pick up Sierra.

The family lives in an ENORMOUS house!  It was huge.  And spotless.  And full of expensive furniture, and decor.

Brooke and I were invited to stay for dinner, and since my hubby is never home for dinner we happily agreed. 

I felt totally not worthy.  This family must be loaded – the mom stays home and has 2 kids in daycare – whoa!  This is why the house is spotless.

As the evening went one, it became abundantly clear to me that my parenting style is drastically different.  I get down and play with my kids, I don’t spend much time cleaning, I allow my kids to eat in the living room (snacks only – meals must be eaten in the kitchen), etc…  All in all their parenting style is different – I won’t criticize because hey – different strokes for differnt folks, yanno?

But it really got me to thinking.  It really made me appreciate the relationship I have with my kids.  It made me appreciate my small humble, messy home.  Walls full of pictures of the kids or pictures the kids painted for me.  It made me feel suddenly rich!  Although that family has way more material things than us, we are far richer.  And I now have a newfound proudness of my home sweet messy home – it shows that I am far richer than I originally thought.

10 thoughts on “You’re Richer Than You Think

  1. I learned a very long time ago that money only makes you wealthy. Being rich is all about being happy with what you have. I might not have nearly as much $$$$ as some people, but I feel I am richer than most. I have 2 great kids (at least they are for other people) and a BEAUIFUL wife that loves me (even if I do have an imperfection or possibly 2 … or a million).

  2. You are so totally right!!!! I so feel the envy at times, then I get to be with my kids and parent them in a style I am comfy and all that envy melts away.

    Glad you got to see the other side.

  3. My house is comfortably messy….I actually had a friend say my house was nice to visit because it feels like a home. Lived in. Loved. No perfection…and boy do I wish I had money to buy nice stuff to fill it up…but in the end it is my home…not a castle and I like it that way. Also, if you spend a fortune on stuff…then you are constantly worried about how and where the kids play.

    Michelle Kostyas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Brotherly Love

  4. hi Janice,
    Well said… I could not have said it any better. I think my house must look and feel a lot like yours, and we have the same values. Well said indeed. ~ Steve, the trade show guru.
    PS. This topic of “you’re richer than you think” reminds me of something I read the other day…
    “Wealth doesn’t always bring happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars.” :)

    trade show gurus last blog post..My Kids Are Smart… cockle shells

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  6. Hi Janice,

    I love how you are so appreciative. It really does make a happy person & happy relationship. You are much richer.. money can not buy happiness, appreciation & satisfaction. I believe the bond you create with your kids with really pay off for them & your family in the long-term.. it probably already is. Your kids will turn out great – I find this is usually the difference between good kids & bad kids when they are older – that is, the extent of close relationship with parents when younger.

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